Reed Outing Club


Questions that might be Frequently Asked if this page didn't exist.

Q: How do I join the Reed Outing Club?

A: ROC events are open to everyone in the Reed community: if there's an ROC trip you'd like to try, all you have to do is sign up. For people who would like to be involved with trip and events planning, contact Will Symms or the ROC Coordinators about the trips that you want to lead, and sign up on Roclist to learn about upcoming events!

Q: I've got an idea for a trip. How do I get funding from the ROC?

A: If you've got a trip you would like to lead, a good place to start would be the trip planning page of this website. There you'll find the ROC's safety guidelines and checklists for a trip. Talk to the Roc Coordinators and Will about getting it off the ground. If the paperwork seems daunting, you can bypass the bureaucracy by finding other ROC members who have similar interests and proposing the trip directly to the people: the ROC will help publicize it, but won't be able to fund your trips this way.

Q: Organizing a Trip is a lot of work. And all this paperwork! Do I have to do it all?

The paperwork is meant to help you through the process, and to make sure that everything that needs to happen happens. But if it really doesn't make sense for your trip, come and talk to us and we will figure out something that works. There is also no reason why you have to do all the organizing--get a friend or another interested Roc'er to help you out!

What if I only want to Lead/Organize a trip, and not both?

Fine. Find someone who would be willing to do the other, and work it out between yourselves. We are flexible.

Q: Where can I find out about ROC events?

A: One of the most effective ways of staying abreast of the ROC's plans is subscribing to Roclist. You can also hang out in the Backpack Coop, go by word of mouth, search the skies for insight or keep your ear to the ground. You will know Roc events by the distinctive sound of an Ice axe hitting pavement...

Q: Who are the ROC Coordinators?

A: Currently, there are two ROC Coordinators:  Gus Kilgore and Tally Levitz.

Q: Ok, I have an idea for a trip, where do I go now?

A: Try our planning page for some clues.

Q: I want to take Reedies base jumping out of canoes off Multnomah Falls. How about that?

Some trips have different levels of inherent risk. Because we are an institution, we have to manage risk to make a trip safe for everyone who participates. We will work with you to help you find an trip that best combines the outdoor activities you want to do, while staying within an acceptable level of risk. Come and talk to us, and be prepared to compromise.