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The Reed College Apartments (RCAs) serve as the location for our Senior Apartments community. This community is specifically targeted at programming towards senior needs, such as thesis support, stress management, career preparation, and transitioning to live off campus. A select number of single units will be reserved for approved disability housing accommodations. 


Residence Life, and the Division of Student Life as a whole, listened to student feedback through the last few years, and took into account a number of issues that have become trends in Reed College apartments when making the decision to provide living option to Reed seniors. Apartments are the most sought after housing option and are always the first to be selected in the lottery.

Many rising seniors expressed that they were disappointed that through the lottery process they had never been given the opportunity to live in a Reed apartment. Not only had they missed out on a highly desirable living option, but a living option that would allow them to better prepare for and transition into life after Reed. We want to structure on-campus housing to ensure that students who are about to graduate have the ability to learn how to live in a more independent space. In addition, having a large portion of the seniors in one location allows Residence Life and other offices to provide targeted programs and events.

Some examples of past programmatic support include:

  • Senior Guidebook Review 
  • Collaboration on the Senior Sanity program
  • RCA Newsletter with senior-relevant deadlines and information
  • Thesis Writing Groups
  • Cooking Skills programs
  • Thesis formatting workshops

Aside from feedback received from students and concerns about providing opportunities for growth and transition, a number of logisitical issues have also become trends in Reed apartments. The most common issue we see is a disconnect between what type of environment senior residents would like to see in the apartments, and the expectations sophomores and juniors have for the apartments as a living space. This most often comes up in the form of noise complaints where non-senior residents are more likely to view the apartments as a social space conducive to holding larger gatherings, while senior students express the desire for a quiter space to study, write, and find respite from campus life.


There will be no additional cost for seniors wishing to participate in this pilot, aside from the increased cost of an apartment in comparison to a residence hall room.

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