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What size are the residence hall beds?

Twin extra long.

What address do I send packages to if I am a new student?

Please send packages and mail to the following address until box numbers are assigned:

your name here
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland OR 97202-8199

If you have further questions about mail delivery, you can call the mailroom directly at 503/777-7214.

When can I mail my belongings to Reed?

The mailroom asks that packages arrive no earlier than mid-August, as they do not have enough room to store them before that time.

How much is the housing deposit?

The housing deposit is $100 and needs to arrive in the residence life office by June 15.

When am I going to receive information on my residence hall placement and roommate?

Your room and roommate assignment information will be mailed out to you on the first working day of August.

What sort of storage is available?

Storage is available through an appointment with your Resident Director, and most residence halls have storage. Space is limited, however, so we ask that students use no more than four boxes, and that they are well labeled. For more information please check the residential rights and responsibilities guide.

Off campus storage options

We don't 'endorse' or work with a specific pod style storage company, but we do allow a company to place boxes on campus for students during move-in and move-out. If you are looking for self storage, NW self storage has two self-storage locations near campus. The closest is just off 28th on the west side of campus and the other is across the rail line bridge on Holgate.

Pod style companies

Self Storage

How large are the residence hall rooms?

Most rooms are 10 x 12 feet.

What furniture is provided in the rooms?

Bed, dresser, wardrobe or closet, desk, chair, and bookshelf.

Will there be ethernet access in all the rooms?


Will I have to pay for my phone bill?

Local telephone calls are free but you will need your own calling card for long distance calls. Calling cards are available in the bookstore or you may bring one with you. Costco prepaid calling cards are rechargeable, don't have a connection fee, and are among the least expensive for calls placed to North American cities and most countries. Prices for international calls vary widely so students expecting to make international calls should shop for the best price.

Does the college provide a phone?

No. We suggest that you bring a phone with you. Plug the phone into the jack and you will have a dial tone. The extension number is marked on the jack.

If I am out of the country, or otherwise unable to receive the new student mailings, how will I access that information?

We now have the new student contract, the preference card, the theme residence hall application, and the photosubmission form online in PDF format so these forms can be printed out wherever you are. Please click here to access those forms. The RCRRRG is also available to read online for more information on living on campus. All accepted first-year students will receive this information in the mail to their home address, so it is not necessary to use these forms unless you are not going to be home. Information can also be faxed to you. Most post offices in this country and others have fax machines. Please return all forms to the residence life office by the stated deadlines.

What stores are nearby for groceries and general household needs?

Just up the road east of Reed on Woodstock Blvd. you'll find a Safeway with a Wells Fargo branch inside to cover your basic grocery and banking needs. Just off the corner of 39th and Holgate you can find a Trader Joe's, as well as a Limbo, in case you're searching for more organic options. On 39th Avenue and Powell you'll find another Safeway, and on the corner of 39th and Hawthorne you'll see a Fred Meyer store. Fred Meyer covers everything from groceries to electronics, cooking utensils to car maintenance items, clothing and shoes, toys, gardening tools, and soap. It's a good all-purpose store.

What about movie stores, bookstores, funky theaters, and fun shopping?

The Hawthorne area ( just north of Reed is a great place to spend your free time. As mentioned above, it is the home of the all purpose Fred Meyer store, but it boasts a variety of other distractions as well. One of the most popular spots is Powell's bookstore (conveniently located near a US Bank branch). A much smaller version of the famous giant independent bookstore on the west side, it is still an excellent bookstore in its own right. There are numerous funky little shops selling a variety of things from futons to celtic goblets. There is also a theater with a pub and restuarant for those who like pizza and a beer (as long as you are 21 or over!) with their cheap ($2 - $3) movie. And speaking of cheap items, the Hawthorne area also houses a few thrift shops, for funky affordable clothing. In addition you'll find a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop to help you through those hot summer days, and a variety of cafés and coffee shops to help you through the cold, wet winters. On the way to the Hawthorne area, on 39th Ave. you'll pass by a Blockbuster video, to cover your movie needs.

How about on-campus housing for returning students?

We currently have rooms available on campus for any student wanting to live on campus!
In the event that we run out of space, the Res Life office will place names on a wait-list.

Contact Res Life
Phone: 503/777-7536
Fax: 503/517-7691
Office: 28 West,
5436 SE 28th Ave.

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