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Portland is known for a progressive culture and laid back atmosphere, making it one of the most sought after places to live in the country.

The city itself is settled between the Cascade mountain range and Pacific Ocean creating weekend opportunities not found in other cities. The city is unique because it sits on the Willamette River and is host to 11 different bridges connecting the western and eastern parts of the city.

Every year, Portland receives accolades from publications and critics from various areas of expertise. Recent recognitions include:

  • "Smartest City in the US" 1st place, Travel and Leisure Magazine
  • "The World's Best Street Food" 1st place, Budget Travel
  • "Best Bike Cities in America" 1st place, Bicycling Magazine
  • "Greenest Cities in America" 1st place, Popular Science
  • "Greenest Cities in the World" 2nd place, Popular Science
  • "America's 10 Best Cities for Runners" 3rd place, Startle & Forbes Travel Guide

Good Eats and More

Reed, nestled on the Southeast side of the city (the Woodstock neighborhood) is just a short bike or bus ride away from downtown. Opportunities exist to enjoy weekly concerts, art gallery visits, festivals, farmer markets and more. Portland is home to numerous green spaces within the city and provides tons of urban parks. Portland is truly a great place to live! Check out info below about what Portland has to offer you.

The Reed campus sits in the Woodstock neighborhood between SW 28th and SW 39th.  A variety of great restaurants, coffee shops, and eateries are just a stone's throw away from campus. Here are a few favorites.


One of the necessary things for any professional is a balanced work-life relationship. Establishing community outside the college is a must. Reed encourages this balance and the city provides great opportunities to re-energize away from campus. From climbing gyms to the largest independent bookstore in the world - Powell's, you can find many social outlets in Portland. Have a look.

Weekend Opportunities

Portland’s location is unique because within an hour's drive you can be away from the bustle of the city and explore Oregon’s natural treasures first hand. Both the coast and mountains are only one hour away, and the Willamette valley is full of wineries and fruit orchards. A short drive out of town will bring you to these amazing vineyards and tours. The coast allows for great surfing, vacationing, and hiking. The mountains give people convenient skiing, backpacking, rock climbing and day hiking. If you do not like tents, head up and stay at Reed's ski cabin for the weekend. The Reed ski cabin on Mt. Hood is open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Concerts and festivals are a common occurrence in PDX. From the Trailblazers to The Bite of Oregon, you can fill your weekends with fun and relaxation during downtime. 

Concerts & Festivals

Sports Teams


Portland has an innovative Public transportation system. This bike friendly town allows you to commute by bike with ease and enjoy the established bike lanes on our roads. Also, Portland’s Tri-Met service can make life a little more convenient. Reed has four different bus lines within walking distance of campus. These bus lines transport you to any part of the city.





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