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Portland is known for its progressive politics and accepting attitude. While historically Oregon is not known for a great breadth of racial diversity, Portland is a supportive and vibrant community that embraces difference and strives for social change. We provide the following information to give you an introduction to the diversity of our city, and to connect you to local resources that may be relevant to you as you consider making Portland your new home. In addition, we encourage you to visit Diversity at Reed to learn more about how we as an institution empower and embrace our dynamic student body.

We invite a candid and open dialogue about issues of diversity in Oregon, Portland and Reed College.

Portland Demographics (2011 Census Data)

White: 76.1%
Hispanic/Latino: 9.4%
Asian: 7.1%
Black/African American: 6.3%
Native American: 1%
Pacific Islander: 0.5%
Multi-racial: 4.7%
Other: 5%

The city of Portland has the seventh highest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population in the country and consistently ranks in the top 10 cities for LGBT individuals. The city of Portland recently received a perfect score of 100 in The Human Rights Commission’s Municipal Equality Index. Oregon is known to practice a remarkably high level of religious tolerance. According to a Pew Research Center study, over 35% of Portlanders identify as religious; 30% identify with a Protestant denomination; 14% Catholic; 5% LDS; 2% Buddhist; 1% Jewish; and .5% Islam. Nearly 65% of Portland residents identify as non-religious, agnostic or atheist.

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