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Sherry Tiao

  • Hometown: Cerritos, California
  • Adviser: Curt Wasson
  • Thesis:Degeneration and Social Darwinism in Pío Baroja’s El árbol de la ciencia
  • What it’s about: Baroja published this novel in 1911, when Spain was wrestling with its role in the world after losing its last colonies. The novel is preoccupied with degeneration and decline. It’s kind of depressing.
  • What it’s really about: Why Spain lost its glory.
  • Cool stuff: Co-founded Asian Student Union. Folkdancing.
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Random Thoughts:I come from a first-generation immigrant family—I’m the first in my family to go to college. Freshman year was tough—I was trying so hard to like it that I didn’t really enjoy it. Found my feet thanks to professors like Libby Drumm. Reed taught me to think actively. It has also made me more open to new ideas. My dreams for the future are simple: I want to be happy, to live a good life, and to be considerate of others. Sounds a little goody-two-shoes but it’s really all that I want.
reed magazine logoSpring 2009