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Women's Rugby: Welcome to the Scrum


The internet has been abuzz over the last few days with breathless rumors that Reed is getting rid of women's rugby. The reports sparked a veritable inferno of outrage from alumni who played the game at Reed, many of whom instantly leaped to the conclusion that dark forces in the administration were bent on Evil And Nefarious Deeds (and presumably fulfilling a lifelong quest to rid the world of oblate spheroids).

But as Mark Twain once said, "the reports of my death have been much exaggerated." Reed is not, I repeat, not terminating women's rugby. However, Dean Mike Brody has decided to withdraw the team from league play after a conversation with its coach.

Dean Brody explained this decision in an email sent to several members of the team and to Michael Lombardo, Reed's athletic director. I'm posting it here because it is (in my view) the best summary of the situation that I have seen [[my emendations in double brackets]].

Since that email was sent, there have been a couple of developments. From what I understand, it seems unlikely that the former coach will work with the team this semester. Nonetheless, Dean Brody has reiterated that the team can resume league play as soon as a certified coach clears them for competition, which seems reasonable to me-- this isn't badminton, after all. And when that glorious day arrives, we will all be cheering from the sidelines.

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