Reed Magazine November 2004
A Careful Balance At the helm of one of America’s leading pediatric hospitals, Dr. Jonathan Bates ’67 works to reconcile business and care

kids pictureBy Jennifer Wilson

The walls along the hallways of Arkansas Children’s Hospital are filled with unusual artwork. The framed prints, ranging from crayon drawings to watercolor pictures, dotted with stick figures and butterflies, were created by the young patients here.

Giving some of these very sick children an opportunity through art to temporarily escape the often-frightening world of needles, surgeries, and doctors is just one example of the quality of care that makes the hospital so special.

“This hospital was already successful when I got here, and it’s because of the people who work here,” says Dr. Jonathan Bates ’67, president and chief executive officer of the hospital in Little Rock.

“Everyone takes their duties and responsibilities seriously. We treat each other and our patients as family. We learn together and grow together and challenge ourselves to improve. Every child is different, and we really strive to treat each child with customized care.”

Bates received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Reed and then went on to earn a medical degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine. He’s been the head administrator at the hospital since 1993.

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