News of the College November 2004

Student awards

Seven students won 2004 McGill Lawrence internship awards from Reed. Javier “Sammy” Hidalgo ’05 will help the Industrial Area Foundation to create a national workshop for activists and to document IAF’s history in Portland. Kerry Skemp ’05 will help organize the Summer of Writing for Write Around Portland, which sponsors writing workshops for low-income and socially isolated individuals and groups. Ashly Hinmon ’04 will work with the National Conference for Community and Justice to develop and run a residential summer camp that brings together student leaders from diverse backgrounds to gain tools in conflict resolution. Morgan Miller ’04 will develop a self-sustaining collective for a program aimed at helping female survivors of sexual abuse. Clio Reese Sady ’06 and Rebecca Fureigh ’06 will develop a resource guide for transgender, transsexual, intersexed, and queer members of the Portland community. Angel Prado ’07 will work with an organization that serves the community of East Los Angeles through outreach programs to high-school students. Funded by a bequest from Marian McGill Lawrence, a longtime friend of Reed, and using matching student senate funds, the awards support students in low-paying or volunteer internships that place recipients in contact with diverse populations.

Three students won REAF (Reed Environmental Activism Fund) internship awards. Roland Chalapowski ’05 will work with the Northwest Environmental Advocates on a project aimed at protecting America’s waterways and surrounding wildlife through education on the detrimental effects of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan to dredge the Columbia River. Lotus Grenier ’06 will work with the City Repair Project to facilitate the fourth annual Village Building Convergence conference on sustainable development. Michael McGreevey ’04 will work with the Ecotrust Copper River Program to research policy and native perspectives in bringing together government agencies, private landholders, tribes, and tribal corporations to ensure a sustainable future for the watershed and its inhabitants. The REAF internship award offers Reed students with a demonstrated commitment to environmental activism the opportunity to complement their academic studies with an internship related to their activism. The internships are focused on training related to creating systemic change toward an environmentally sustainable society. The REAF awards are made possible by the generosity of a Reed alumnus. End of Article

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Reed Magazine November 2004
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