News of the College November 2004

Reed’s Lecture Series in Public Policy
addresses political transitions

Reed’s 2004–05 Lecture Series in Public Policy, “Transitions: Managing Political Change in an Uncertain World,” focuses on the difficult process of political transitions: from a bipolar to a unipolar world, from the Clinton administration to the 2004 election, from nationalized to globalized economies, and from apartheid to reconciliation.

International relations expert Robert Keohane opened the series, addressing “The United States, United Nations, and the War Against Terrorism.” Author Stephen Elliott presented “Life on the Campaign Trail: Notes from a Year with the 2004 Candidates,” a recounting of his experiences on the 2004 campaign trail. Reed political science professor Darius Rejali, who has been in great demand as an expert source on the incidents at Abu Ghraib prison, presented “Speaking Frankly About Torture,” addressing the social conditions that lead nations to adopt torture. The series also will feature constitutional law scholar Rogers Smith; University of Washington international studies professor Margaret Levi; and Washington University government professor James Gibson. For more information and a series schedule, visit End of Article


Reed Magazine November 2004