NOAA November 2004

ORGY clan gathers new members

ORGY image

New and old ORGY (Offspring of Reed Graduates of Yesteryear) members
gather during orientation.

Front row (left to right): Samantha Drake, Amy Kurland ’78, Julia Lazenby, Will Brown, Cricket Parmalee ’67, Emma Tupper, Joanne Reynolds ’79
2nd row (left to right): Susan Thomas ’73, Carolyn Thomas, Jennifer Flashman ’03, Scott Lazenby ’77, Reiko Matsuda-Dunn, Suzanne Bly Tupper ’80, Frank Reynolds, Kathryn Lichfield ’82
3rd row (left to right): John Thomas ’73, Michael Flashman, Hugh Byrne, Kenneth Brown ’67, Austen Lethbridge-Scarl, Joe Parmalee, Rob Reynolds ’79, Bryce Levey

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