New members of ORGY

orgy members
New “Offspring of Reed Graduates of Yesteryear” gather during orientation, some with their Reed relatives.
back row, l to r: Michael Goldblatt ’74, Jesse Weinstein (father David Weinstein ’71), Kyle Webster (father Paul Webster ’80, mother Nora Webster ’80).
Next row, l to r:
Suzanna Goldblatt (father Michael Goldblatt ’74), Amy Gordanier (mother Rachael Dorr ’76), Isabel Gabel (brother Harold Gabel ’03), Gaia Borgais (grandfather Frank Pennington ’48, grandmother Marcia Grien Pennington ’49, father Brandan Borgias ’79, mother Adrianne Pennington ’79, uncle Kris Borgias ’78), Dustin Drenguis (aunt Gloria Drenguis Johnson ’79, sister Skye Drenguis ’03).
next row, l to r:
Dylan Kentch (mother Susan Orlansky ’75, brother Gavin Kentch ’04), Julia Palmer (aunt Kathleen McNally ’80), Lyndsey Earl (sister Kristen Earl ’05), Gretchen Metzenberg (mother Aida Metzenberg ‘77, father Stan Metzenberg ’80), Bronwyn North-Reist (mother Bernadette North ’76), Bernadette North ’76.
front row, l to r:
Aida Metzenberg ’77, Stan Metzenberg ’80, Robin Tovey ’97, Brian Mack (cousin Robin Tovey ’97).

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