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Inauguration title  
Daniel O. Bernstine

Daniel O. Bernstine, president of Portland State University, welcomed the Divers on behalf of the Northwest's education community.



Delegates from colleges and universities around the country sat with Reed faculty members


Chris Moses

In welcoming Diver, student body president Chris Moses '03 encouraged the new president and fellow Reed students to use their combined talents and turn their focus outwards: "Reed's commitment to academic excellence gives us a unique opportunity to open our community and develop racial, ethnic, and economic diversity in a way that does not tokenize difference, but rather challenges us in addressing the many problems facing the world today."

Peter Steinberger

Speaking on behalf of the Reed faculty, dean and former acting president Peter Steinberger enthusiastically welcomed Colin and Joan Diver and said, "We anticipate the opportunity to work with the Divers in providing our students with an educational experience of unsurpassed rigor, seriousness, and intrinsic satisfaction--the kind of education that has been, and will continue to be, the hallmark of Reed College."


Daniel Greenberg

“Reed is called the most intellectual college in the country, and we enthusiastically look forward to sustaining and strengthening this legacy under Colin Diver’s dynamic leadership,” said Daniel Greenberg ’62.

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