Wendy Shattuck is new public affairs director

Wendy E. Shattuck has joined the Reed College staff as director of public affairs. She oversees the college’s communications programs, with responsibilities including marketing strategy, media relations, print and electronic publications, speechwriting, major events management, and community and government outreach.

Shattuck comes to Portland from the San Francisco Bay Area. In her senior management role at Accenture, a global technology and management consultancy, and earlier in the software industry, she managed teams that worked to enhance her firms’ image both in the media and internally. Previously, Shattuck was marketing communications manager for educational publisher Addison Wesley Longman, served in a related position at a marketing agency serving the Annenberg Foundation/Corporation for Public Broadcasting Project, and was on the fundraising staff of Art Center College of Design. She holds an M.A. in liberal arts from Stanford University and a B.A. in theatre arts and literature from Brown University, with additional postgraduate studies at California Institute of the Arts.

Shattuck replaces Harriet Watson, Reed’s former director of public affairs, who has retired.

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