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We had a number of interesting events this spring, including a trip to the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival with some amazing dances from all over the world. The Radical Reading Group had its first meeting and will meet the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. somewhere in San Francisco. This fall we had a picnic in September and will taste wine on November 17. We
are starting a committee to put together a Bay Area Paideia next spring. For more information, call or write to Drew McCormick ’82, 408/266-3960,


The Boston chapter is thinking about future events. We have found people willing and able to produce events, but attendance has been disappointing. So we will probably be holding back on the number of events in the near future to something like four or five events a year: a winter potluck, a summer cookout, a Red Sox game, and maybe a couple of others. If attendance picks up, we will consider a busier schedule. Anyone who wants to discuss the Boston alumni chapter should email


It was a great summer in New York. Some recent events included “Behind the Scenes at Grand Central,” a baseball game in Coney Island, and a hike upstate. All events were sold out in advance, and we had a range of graduates from 1960 to 2001. This winter we are planning an annual chapter party, the second annual bowl-a-rama, and board game night. To suggest activities, join the email list, or ask any questions, please email chapter chair Amy Ulrich ’97 at


A group joined leaders Andy Mclain ’92 and Bear Wilner ’95 for a guided hike into the woods to hunt for some of Oregon’s fine culinary mushrooms. The Portland chapter is endeavoring to organize one event per month; for information or to help, please email Jim Quinn ’83, chapter chair, at quinkray@


In August about two dozen Rainier alumni attended a pre-show discussion at Intiman Theatre with Barbara Ehrenreich ’63 before seeing the play (by Joan Holden ’60) based on Ehrenreich’s book, Nickled and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. Nearly 40 people, from classes of ’46 to ’99, shared food and conversation at the picnic on the sunny shores of Lake Washington. To learn about upcoming events and our ongoing groups, subscribe to our email announcement list at, or call or write to Barbara Carter Radin ’75 at 206/523-2484,


We had a great annual picnic in September. Other activities we are planning are a theater event in November, a solstice party in December, and a visit to the Huntington Library and Gardens in May. The book group meets monthly, usually in the afternoon or evening of the second Sunday; the November book is Jane Urquart’s The Underpainter. Visiting alumni are invited to call ahead for particulars, read the book, and join the discussion. For information call Robert Hadley ’53 at 310/391-1327 or send email to


The Washington area chapter held its annual summer-end picnic in September at the home of Dick Goodwin ’63 and Judy Bell ’63, and it was a relaxed and convivial afternoon. Will Sibley ’51, who was in charge of bringing the keg, was toasted for his safe arrival and, most happily, for his recent marriage. A host of new alums joined in this year and were warmly welcomed to the area. For information about the chapter and events, email or call Claudia McLachlan ’75 at, 202/483-3740, or Leslie Overstreet ’71 at, 703/765-7059.

Collegium singers Linda Young ’92, Emily Browder ’92, Lantz Warrick ’92, Rodney Yoder ’92, and Alan Bahm ’92 all reconnected in the Reed chapel at this year’s 10th reunion.

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