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September 11, 2001

The Reed community gathered together in many ways when the events of September 11 struck. The entire community met later that afternoon in a packed Kaul Auditorium to talk about what it meant to each of them, and small groups of students met in the residence halls after the general meeting. The student editors of the Quest decided to run a special issue as a public forum for community discussion. A Reed union featured a panel of faculty members who talked about how to stay informed about the events. Most visibly, some students put up a memorial on the lawn in front of Eliot Hall in the form of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. With a place for flowers and remembrances, and markers out for people to write on the white cloth surfaces, this became a place where students and members of the faculty and staff went to express their thoughts and feelings.

What some wrote on the memorial:
Even Achilles regretted
his anger.


An eye for an eye
only makes the whole world blind.”
–Mahatma Gandhi




We have no enemies,
only brothers and sisters in suffering.


May we all work to ensure
that nothing like this happens again.


Plan harm for another and harm yourself most.
The evil we hatch always comes home to roost.
–Hesiod, Works and Days

This lump of lead in our hearts will never go away, and our only hope is that unexplained human alchemy which, in time, turns lead into gold. We shall endure.


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