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  Reed is a “Cool College”

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Reed is one of the featured schools in Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late-Blooming, and Just Plain Different (Ten Speed Press, 2000) by Donald Asher ’83. Colleges that Asher also writes about include St. John’s College, the University of Chicago, and Harvey Mudd College.

Asher writes: “The thing to ‘get’ about Reed is that there is an academic culture here that goes well beyond the classes. You could take all the classes that are offered at Reed at many other schools, but you wouldn’t capture what happens at Reed. The very atmosphere at Reed is filled with discourse. If Reed students learn nothing else, they learn to present and defend their work. . . .

“You know Reed is doing things right when you talk to Reed alumni. They are almost cultlike in their devotion to this school. I met an alumnus who named his son after the college, and while reading student theses in the library, I came across this dedication, ‘To Reed College, with love.’ That’s just not going to happen at most institutions. To Reed College, with love.”

Asher writes in his acknowledgements, “I also need to acknowledge Professor Walter Englert, classics, Reed College, who is a credit to the profession of professing.” End of Article


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