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  Campus construction continues

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Biology building
The biology building was ready for returning students the end of August after the expansion and renovation were completed, and classes started on schedule. The building looks beautiful and will be a greatly improved environment for the teaching of biology and faculty research. New lighting, floor coverings, carpeting, painting, glass doors, ample bike racks, and wood trim are all completed. The metal sun shades were removed from the exterior window, and the improved views and lighting are remarkable.

Studio arts pictureStudio art building
The 4,800 sq. ft expansion of the studio art building was also ready for the start of fall semester, with a greatly improved entrance to the building and spacious new rooms. All roof and area drainage will be retained on site and treated in a landscaped bioswale.

Library addition
Preliminary work has begun on the 20,500 sq. ft. library addition. This project will allow for additional stacks for the expanding book collection as well as additional art collection storage, unified offices for library staff, classrooms, faculty offices, and a new computer study space. ADA access at the library entrance will be improved, and the entire building will have fire and smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. The new addition will be on the southeast corner of the current library, in the general area of the old loading dock. Work on this building will continue concurrently with the construction of the new educational technology center.

Educational technology center
Excavation and site work for the new educational technology center (ETC) are in process. This 23,000 sq. ft. building, sited just east of the library, will provide for centralized computer staffing, sales, and services, and temperature-controlled equipment rooms.

It will house, among other resources, the writing center, the public policy workshop, classrooms, and enhanced and expanded information resource centers and student lounges.

Sports center pictureSports center
The sports center has received substantial renovation. A new wood floor was installed in the doubles squash courts, and the singles squash courts were expanded to regulation size. Work on an elevator is progressing on schedule. The locker rooms have been reconfigured to allow for a more equitable distribution between men’s and women’s spaces and increased locker capacity. The cage area has been redone and the weight room was substantially expanded, with all new equipment and large daylight windows. The bus garage and basket room were converted to usable workout space, and a new classroom was added.

Restoration efforts are continuing in the canyon. In the 1930s, when the old outdoor pool was built, the natural stream alignment was altered. We are recreating the original stream condition and installing fish ladders to provide for safe passage of migrating and native fish populations to the lake area from the lower creek. We are removing non-native plants, encouraging native communities, and increasing passive recreational qualities throughout the canyon. This will be an ongoing effort, with the major enhancement strategies to be implemented over the next five years. We are also researching grant opportunities for making the entirety of the canyon master plan a reality.

There is a new stairway connection from the music building to the west parking lot, which allows for easier use of the parking area. The stairs are in and the railing is completed. Bass and treble clef detailing provide a beautiful accent on the hand railing.

Cross canyon track and playing fields
A restroom facility will be built adjacent to the track and cross canyon playing fields. In an innovative design twist, this structure will be primarily underground, with its only open exposure on the westside facing the rugby field.

-Towny Angell, director,facilities services

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