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Two new music compositions by David Schiff , R.P. Wollen-berg Professor of Music, premiered at the Aspen Music Festival in July. The first piece was one of several commissioned for a gala concert, featuring players such as Yo Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax, in honor of the 65th birthday of David Zinman, the festival’s music director. Schiff named this piece “DZ Fingers.” Schiff conceived of the second composition for flute and piano, “After Hours,” as five pieces that flautists could use as encores, but that could also be played together as a suite. He described both pieces as “jazzy.”
Breakthrough research on pi that Richard Crandall has been doing at Reed’s Center for Advanced Computation has recently received much media attention. A paper on the randomness of the digits in pi by Crandall—Howard Vollum adjunct professor of science, physics—and David Bailey of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Calif-ornia appeared in the journal Experimental Mathematics and was then cited in the magazines Nature and Science Now, and on the governmental Office of Science website, among many others.

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