News of the Alumni Association 2001
  Class of 2005 ORGY members
Offspring of reed graduates of yesteryear

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ORGY members

bottom row, left to right:
Andrew Buchanon, Amherst, MA (uncle and aunt Chris Price ’71 and Carol Price ’71); Milon Good, Washougal, WA (brother Moloy Good ’95).

next row, left to right:
Shara Lofti, Monterey, CA (aunt Kay Hoff ’79); Charlie Shipp, San Diego, CA (brother George Shipp IV ’01); Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz, Poway, CA (uncle Loren Madsen ’65); Jessica Sweeney, Milwaukie, OR (great aunt and uncle Henrietta Willock ’41 and Donald Burcham ’37); Alexandra Bandow, Apple Valley, MN (sister Alyssa Bandow ’00 and brother-in-law Maximilian Coreth ’95); Rose Carroll, Honolulu, HI (father Jeffrey Carroll ’72 and mother Tammy Zielinski ’72).

next row, left to right:
Malika Maskarinec, Honolulu, HI (father Gregory ’74 and aunt Karen Maskarinec ’74); Will Savery, Cambridge, MA (father professor Pancho Savery); Rob Day-Reynolds, McMinnville, OR (brother Lenon Day-Reynolds ’03); Margaret Mitchell, Encino, CA (cousin Andrew Schpak ’01); Sarah Krings-Lien, San Bernadino, CA (great uncles Harold ’36 and Jesse Lien ’41); Ilana Baker, Portland, OR (stepfather Mark Sherman ’83).

top row, left to right:
Ian Strader, Yakima, WA (uncle Mark ’77 and aunt Nancy Bocek ’80, uncle Richard Anderson ’81); Gabe Mehlman ’05, Cleveland, OH (father Max Mehlman ’70); Adam Stoll, Milwaukie, WI (brother James Stoll); Lorenzo Giachetti, Florence, Italy (great uncle Herman Johansen ’48); Rachel Perry, Phoenix, AZ (mother Kathryn Baker ’74); Aaron Jacobs-Smith, Santa Cruz, CA (brother Caleb Jacobs-Smith ’02); Om Buffalo, Colville, WA (brother Cosmo Buffalo ’04); Jacob Perkins, Selma, OR (sister Rachel Perkins ’00); Cecily Swanson, Arlington, VA (aunt Rebecca Swanson ’72, mother Devon Hodges ’72); Alex Verbeck, Portland, OR (mother Karla Muller ’78, father Richard Verbeck ’81).r

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