Summer conferences come to Reed

With the completion of Reed's new residence halls and the Gray Campus Center, the college saw a significant increase in summer programming this year. The office of conference and events planning hosted more than 25 conferences and events during the summer months, which brought approximately 2,200 visitors to campus. In addition, Reed reunions were held in early June and Chamber Music Northwest's summer festival returned to campus, bringing nearly 7,500 to Reed during its five-week season.

Reed-sponsored events included the Algorithmic Number Theory Symposia (ANTS), an ongoing international sequence of confer-ences devoted to practical and theoretical algorithmic questions in number theory. Richard Crandall '69, Howard Vollum Adjunct Professor of Science, Physics, praised conference coordinator Joe Buhler, professor of mathematics, and called this "a tremendous achievement and a distinct honor for Reed College. . . . ANTS is a world-class annual event, involving visitors who toil and discourse at the very top of the algorithm field. On the basis of such events Reed will emerge, and quite rightly so, as a kind of center for the most abstruse, intricate scientific thinking of modern times."

Other Reed-sponsored events included the Oregon Council for the Humanities conference for high school teachers, designed to give high school teachers the opportunity to delve into an intellectually exciting and professionally relevant topic in the humanities and support their efforts to provide a quality education to Oregon's children, and the Western Association of Colleges & Employers, a forum for critical topics in employment recruitment of college students.

As well as a number of youth sports and youth group camps, other conferences on the Reed campus included:

  • The Society for Values in Higher Education--educating faculty, administrators, and other professionals on cultural and spiritual resources for addressing contemporary issues facing higher education
  • The Oregon School Nurses Association--instruction and refresher courses for Oregon school nurse certification
  • CAUSE/Northwest Academic Computer Consortium-a conference for representatives from colleges, universities, and other educational organizations throughout the western U.S. and Canada to examine technology initiatives already under way and to discuss opportunities for new collaborations.

    If you or your group is inter-ested in using Reed's summer facilities, call the conference and events planning office at 503/777-7522.

    Works by famed artist Sol LeWitt, a pioneer of the conceptual art movement, are on display in the Cooley Gallery through December 31. Two of Le Witt's wall drawings, for which the artist has written instructions, were executed by Reed students under the supervision of Reed professor of art Michael Knutson, gallery director Susan Fillin-Yeh, assistant curator Silas B. Cook, and Christopher Cook, former director of the Addison Gallery (owner of the certificates of authenticity for the Reed drawings), who has worked closely with LeWitt. The drawings will be painted over at the exhibition's close. Other works in the exhibition include small works on paper. Lucy R. Lippard--critic, cultural activist, and author of important articles and books on LeWitt and conceptual art--spoke on LeWitt on opening night.

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