News of the College May 2004

Student research in biochemistry
supported by new grant

Reed has been awarded a grant of $60,000 from the undergraduate science research program of the Merck Company Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The funds will support three years of a joint project of Reed’s biology and chemistry departments, with almost all of the money targeted for summer student research. Students and professors will work on four interdisciplinary projects: a study of floral color evolution in Delphinium, led by biologist Keith Karoly and chemist Pat McDougal; synthesis of a metal chelator and an examination of its role in legume root nodules, led by biologist David Dalton and chemist Pat McDougal; an examination of the Ler protein in E. coli, led by biologist Jay Mellies and chemist Arthur Glasfeld; and a study of telomere binding proteins in the frog Xenopus, led by biologist Janis Shampay and chemist Arthur Glasfeld. The summer research will enhance the college’s biochemistry and molecular biology program, in which 20 to 30 students major each year. End of Article

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Reed Magazine May 2004
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