News of the College May 2004

Reed commentators make the news

The opinions of several Reed students and faculty members recently appeared in Portland newspapers. The Oregonian printed an op-ed piece by Paul Gronke, associate professor of political science, about how John Kerry has been unfairly branded as a liberal. “With a sharp pencil and a partisan tilt, you can paint any member of Congress as a bleeding heart liberal or a rock solid conservative,” wrote Gronke in the March 1 issue.

Shortly after Multnomah County began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the Oregonian ran a March 5 commentary by senior Roland Chlapowski ’04 in defense of the county’s decision. “It’s hard to believe that less than a generation ago many states had laws on the books preventing people of different races from getting married. But the debate is surprisingly similar to the one under way today,” he wrote. The Portland Tribune posed the question of whether the decision to permit same-sex marriages would be good or bad for the city; senior Misha Isaak ’04 responded on March 9 that “The country’s decision honors the diversity of religious views in Oregon about the sanctity of marriage. It should be celebrated as a victory for civil rights and religious pluralism.” End of Article

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Reed Magazine May 2004
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