College receives library grants

The Eric V. Hauser Library has received a three-year grant of $150,000 from the H.W. Wilson Foundation to support the development of electronic resources. The grant will complement Reed’s recent $5.5 million library renovation project and help ensure that the library is able to continue purchasing the electronic resources that students and faculty members need. As part of Reed’s commitment to developing new technologies and resources, the library has tripled its spending on electronic resources over the past five years. The grant will allow Reed to maintain this dedication to electronic resources without affecting its acquisition of paper books and other resources.

The college has received a grant of $35,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund the Orbis Consortium regional library services center. The grant will be used to plan a building that will house shared library materials, support preservation and digitization services, and provide office and meeting space for the consortium staff. Orbis combines the library catalogs of 20 Northwest public and private institutions of higher education, providing 48-hour delivery of materials from the shared collections.

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Reed Magazine February 2003
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