Reunions 2003

This year’s reunions promise to be bigger, bolder, and more engaging than you’ve ever imagined. No virtual enjoyment possibilities here, however — you have to return to Reed for a memorable weekend, June 5–7, 2003.

Reed alumni celebrating their 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 52-plus, and 60th reunions will gather on campus. Remember, those in classes on either side of the anniversary year are also invited. There will be a plethora of events to participate in, or you can use your off time to explore the
campus again (if you can still recognize it!).

Highlights will include the all-class parade, a salmon bake with Northwest wines, and the gala celebration on Saturday evening. The quad will be decked out like a festive cultural carnival replete with jugglers and lots of music — you can enjoy marimbas, folk dancing, and Dr. Demento’s “Festival of Dementia” and his services as DJ for a dance afterward. The capstone to the celebration will be a rousing fireworks display.

Reunions 2003 will honor the role of calligraphy at Reed, and all calligraphers are encouraged to attend. During the Scriptorium, several experienced scribes will offer lessons and demonstrations. Ongoing
activities with letters for adults and children will take place June 4–7. Tools, techniques, and materials for medieval and modern calligraphy will be demonstrated by local calligraphers; visitors are welcome to try their hands at the art of letters.

Directly preceding reunions, and in keeping with the calligraphy theme, this year’s Alumni College (June 4–6) will focus on a complementary topic: “From Medieval Scribes to Post-Modern Media: Perspectives
on Letters, Images, and Texts.” Participants will explore, debate, and contemplate myriad aspects of letters, images, and texts.

The format will be similar to Reed’s humanities classes — a faculty lecture followed by conference-style discussion. The lectures include:

  • William Diebold, professor, art history and humanities: “Information in Medieval Manuscripts”
  • Ralph Drayton, visiting assistant professor, history and humanities: “The Power of Words and Images in the Medical Tradition of the Later Middle Ages”
  • Geraldine Ondrizek, associate professor, art, and Gay Walker ’69, special collections librarian: “The Artist Book Movement from 1890 to the Present”
  • Paul Shaw ’76, principal, Paul Shaw/Letter Design: “Letters are not Pictures of Things, or Are They?”
  • Ellen Stauder, professor, English and humanities: “Rossetti, Pound and the Bounding Line”

Check the website for updated information or call the alumni office at 503/777-7589. We look forward to seeing you in June!

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