So what’s different about Reed freshmen?

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Reed annually participates in the national survey “The American Freshman,” sponsored by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. The survey has been conducted nationally at more than 1,800 institutions, involving 11 million students, since 1966. Each fall incoming freshmen are surveyed by Reed’s institutional research office, and the results are tabulated and compared with national norms for other highly selective liberal arts colleges. A few of this year’s most interesting comparisons:

Students more than 500 miles from their permanent home
Reed 73%
Others 39%

Discussed politics frequently in the past year
Reed 64%
Others 36%

Highest academic degree intended: Ph.D.
Reed 54%
Others 30%

Hours reading during a typical week (3–10 hours)
Reed 51%
Others 29%

Hours reading during a typical week (11–20 or more hours)
Reed 13%
Others 3%

Typical number of hours spent reading for pleasure (3 or more hours)
Reed 82%
Others 62%


Scientific researcher
Reed 10%
Others 4%

Writer or journalist
Reed 10%
Others 5%

College teacher
Reed 5%
Others 2%

Business executive
Reed 1%
Others 8%

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