Ringle elected chair of EDUCAUSE

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Martin Ringle, chief technology officer at Reed, has been elected chair of the EDUCAUSE board of directors. An association of more than 1,600 colleges and universities, EDUCAUSE has been instrumental in the development of the internet and internet 2 and serves as the administrator of the “.edu” internet domain for higher education. EDUCAUSE frequently serves as a primary resource for federal and state policy-makers on higher education technology issues such as intellectual pro-perty rights, network security, instructional computing, and the digital divide. Through his work with EDUCAUSE over the past few years, Ringle has had the opportunity to meet interesting people such as Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, Ross Perot, Sally Ride, Bill Gates, and others. His favorite encounter, he notes, was with the humorist Dave Barry, whose dog is rumored to “understand more about technology than most technology policy makers.” End of Article


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