Reed named a leader among “green” colleges

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Reed was named among the leading green colleges in a recent report on environmental practices at the nation’s colleges and universities conducted by the National Wildlife Federation. Reed was specifically named among the top schools for doing more with energy efficiency and conservation, recycling, solid waste, and materials flow; it was also among the leading schools for land and ground management and transportation programs.

Among other changes, the college has retrofitted lighting to low wattage alternatives and installed computerized energy management programs for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems on campus. Reed’s master landscape plan emphasizes water conservation and the use of native plant materials that minimize water and fertilizer use. Reed’s citation for transportation leadership reflects the college’s program to convert service vehicles to electric power and its commitment to encouraging the use of alternate transportation for faculty, students, and staff.

The student-run Greenboard has taken an active role in campus recycling for many years. Its efforts have kept a large percentage of the college’s recyclable cardboard, paper, metal, and glass out of the waste stream. End of Article




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