Grants to Reed will enhance academic programs

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The college received a $500,000 grant for its physics program from the W.M. Keck Foundation of Los Angeles. The grant will be used as a catalyst to raise funds for the $983,064 departmental enhancement project that introduces curricular and technological changes into the laboratories at all levels of the physics program, with special emphasis on the introductory level.

Over the next four years, the physics department plans to develop an entirely new introductory physics instructional laboratory, renovate the conceptual physics laboratory space, create a new laboratory staff position to support the changes in the introductory physics course, modernize the quantum physics experiments, and purchase new computers and equipment to sustain state-of-the-art advanced laboratories.

Reed received a grant of $171,640 from the Freeman Foundation for the development of Chinese studies. The grant will be used to further develop Reed’s rigorous program of Chinese study and address questions of how Chinese studies can have a broader influence on Reed as a whole.

Over the next four years faculty members will conduct a curricular review of the program to evaluate appropriate areas for development, hold a retreat devoted exclusively to strengthening the Humanities 230 yearlong course, and develop a Chinese studies website. In addition, a “China Year” will bring films, lectures, and performances to the college; specialists will lead workshops in advanced research; and a “China Day” will provide outreach to 70 high schools. Funds will also be set aside for competitive faculty-student collaborative research and for national and international faculty research.
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