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Kenneth Brashier pictureKenneth E. Brashier, assistant professor of religion and humanities, received a prestigious Graves Award in the humanities. The award of $13,970 will allow Brashierto develop a companion anthology for studies of the early ancestral cult in China. Brashier proposes to develop a sourcebook on the early Chinese ancestral cult in order to fill the current gap in scholarly understanding. The sourcebook would collect a wide array of Chinese texts including poetry, philosophy, historical writings, and court debates, the majority of which have never been translated, as well as extensive emphasis on stone graves, tombs, and relief imagery.   Kimberly Clausing pictureKimberly Clausing, assistant professor of economics, was awarded $115,280 from the National Science Foundation to study international taxation and the international trade of multinational firms over the next three years. She will examine the magnitude of tax-motivated income shifting of multinationals, consider the consequences of this shifting for the volumes of U.S. international trade and U.S. federal government revenue collections, and consider an alternative international taxation system—formula apportionment—under which U.S. multinationals would be taxed based on the share of their worldwide activity in the U.S.

Stefan Kapsch pictureStefan Kapsch, professor of political science, was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship to Germany. He will spend the spring semester on the faculty of the Amerika Institut of Ludvig Maximillians Unviersiy in Munich, Germany, where he will be researching criminal justice and social control in demo-cratic societies. Kapsch also served as a Fulbright Fellow in 1994–95 at the faculty of social sciences at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. End of Article


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