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Laurie Reid '86

Laurie Reid '86

  Although Reid began exhibiting only eight years ago, her work has been chosen for some of the country's most prestigious shows, including the 2000 Whitney Museum's Biennial in New York.  

Mouthful of Rain (detail), 1998

Mouthful of Rain (detail), 1998, watercoor on paper, 90" x 60"
Photos courtesy of the artist and
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco



Now living in Berkeley, she was chosen for the coveted SECA art award by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1999. A French major at Reed, she studied at the California College of Arts & Crafts, then began her art career doing watercolor paintings. Reid became fascinated by and started to explore in her work the effect of water on the paper itself. From the catalogue for the SECA award: "Usually large in scale but nonmonumental, her paintings made of barely pigmented water on sheets of white paper evoke the subtlety of watermarks that are invisible until held up to the light. The work whispers. But it does so with a conviction..."


Reid's work is in public collections that include the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as museums in California and Utah.


Arne Westerman '48
Arne Westerman '48

  Arne Westerman is one of the country's best-known watercolorists and educators in the art of watercolor. Winner of many awards, Westerman has been featured in numerous books about the art, including two editions of Splash: America's Foremost Contemporary Watercolors.

Kati and Friend, 2000

Kati and Friend, 2000, 21" x 28.5"

His work, described by the Oregonian as "conveying directness and depth," has been on exhibit every year since 1980 in galleries and museums nationwide. Westerman, a Portland native, began his career in advertising and owned his own agency until he decided to make art his career at age 54. "I was taken with watercolors for their spontaneity and luminosity," he says. "I am strongly influenced by what I feel and paint with a passion.
I want everyone who sees my paintings to share the feeling because the viewer can connect my work in some way with his or her own personal life experiences." R
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