News of the Alumni Association 2001

Reunions take place June 7-9, 2001

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Busy class reunion planning committees are hard at work creating a fun and memorable (if not completely cerebral) weekend of events. Members of reunion classes can look forward to meeting up with old pals, experiencing the “new Reed”by staying on campus, discovering new and old Portland-area hot spots, and attending faculty lectures and special events like the all-class barbecue and a Reed-style parade. Alumni with children are welcome to bring them along–a special series of activities is planned for kids.

Alumni from all over the country are sending in cards and notes of interest in attending. Registration materials will be mailed in April, but you can find current information on the alumni web site. For more information, call the reunions coordinator at 503/788-6639 or email alumni (If you know someone who should be receiving reunion information but has not, please have them get in touch with the reunions coordinator.) Send mail to Reunions, Alumni Relations, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202-8199.




2001 Reunion Classes

60th class of 1941 (’40 and ’42 also invited)
52 plus
classes of 1949 and earlier 
50th class of 1951 (’50 and ’52 also invited)
40th class of 1961 (’60 and ’62 also invited)
30th class of 1971 (’70 and ’72 also invited)
25th class of 1976 (’75 and ’77 also invited)
20th class of 1981 (’80 and ’82 also invited)
10th class of 1991 (’90 and ’92 also invited)
5th class of 1996 (’95 and ’97 also invited)

Eliot Hall, from the west


60th Reunion
Class of 1941

Yes, the class of 1941 will be celebrating a 60th anniversary! Plan to attend the Foster- Scholz club annual luncheon at noon on Thursday, June 7, and join other classes of the “52-plus” group (classes of 1949 and earlier) for dinner on Friday, June 8. See below for more information about the schedule. R




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May 2001
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