ROMP! 2000 Conference on music perception

In the Ear of the Beholder," the second ROMP! (Reediana Omnibus Musica Philosopha) conference on music and the liberal arts, took place in February, often to standing-room-only crowds. The conference, which focused on music perception, was sponsored by the Roth Family Foundation. The featured concert was by Chitravina N. Ravikiran, considered a phenomenon of South Indian classical (carnatic) music, accompanied by internationally known musicians playing the violin, clay pot, and double-headed south India drums. Conference lecturers were Richard Ashley, associate professor of music theory and director of Northwestern University's music perception laboratory; Glenn Schellenberg, professor of psychology, Erindale College, University of Toronto; and Jamshed Bharucha, John Wentworth Professor of Psychology and associate dean of faculty for the arts and sciences, Dartmouth College. Reed faculty members Daniel Reisberg, professor of psychology, and David Schiff, R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music, served as discussants. A Chamber Music Northwest concert of twentieth-century French music rounded out the program.

Grants to Reed include $1.6 million for bio building

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has awarded Reed $1.6 million in support of the renovation and expansion of the L.E. Griffin Memorial Biology building. This is the largest grant from a foundation that Reed has ever received. The three-phase project, which will allow classes and teaching to continue during construction, will begin this month and finish in August 2001.

The $9.6 million building renovation is also being funded from a number of other sources. Reed College trustees Walter Mintz '50 and Richard P. Wollenberg each donated $1 million to the project. The Collins Foundation, Portland, Oregon, is providing $600,000; $500,000 will be provided by the Meyer Memorial Trust, Portland, Oregon; and the George E. Alden Trust, New York, New York, has made a $50,000 grant.

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