Alumni association president's report

As I write this it is mid-February; snow is slowly melting outside my window in New Jersey. No doubt at Reed light rain is falling. By the time you read this, it will be May, the sun should be shining, and I will be almost finished with my term as president of the alumni association. I've been around the alumni board for the better part of a decade, first as a representative of the New York chapter, then as a board member at large, and ultimately as an officer. It's been wonderful having the necessity (or should I say excuse) to come back to campus yearly and review my acquaintance with Reed. It's been exciting to see the college and 10 years' worth of students stay true to the essence of what makes Reed unique-the intense intellectual energy and challenges, the progression from Hum 110 to senior thesis, the mastery of not just a specific body of knowledge, but of the ability to think for, and learn for, oneself. And while Reed has remained steadfast in its mission, it has evolved as well; there's been so much construction on campus that one has to pick one's viewing angle carefully to find a vista that is unchanged from student days 30 years past. The college is now graced by facilities-the Gray Campus Center and the Kaul Auditorium, the new or renovated chemistry and psychology buildings, several library expansions-that make it a more complete place.

We alumni, whether we visit Reed frequently, or not at all, remain in a real way a part of the community. We have taken something of Reed with us, and left at least a little behind. It is the role of the alumni association and its board to nurture this extended community. We do so with a range of activities: seven chapters in areas with large alumni populations, the recent humanities online conference, the new alumni association oral history project, articles in this magazine, and first and foremost reunions.   If you haven't already, join in: you're likely to meet some interesting people.

The alumni association board at its meeting on February 5 approved and recommended to the membership several revisions to the constitution of the Reed College alumni association. The intent of the revisions was to bring the constitution in line with association and board practices, rather than to change those practices. The proposed changes are:

  • The formal name of the board to be changed from the "board of management" to the "board of directors."
  • The immediate past president of the board will be made a voting member of the board.
  • Article IV, Section 6, is considered obsolete and is to be deleted.
  • Article VII, sections 3 and 4, to be changed to clarify dates and make it clear that the nominating committee chair is the board president who is in the process of completing his or her term. The duties begin while one is still president, and conclude when one is past president.
  • Correction of various typos in the original constitution.

    The board approved the preceding changes to the constitution of the alumni association. Alumni association members must approve proposed amendments by failure to object within 30 days of publication of this magazine. If you wish to see the full constitution, with the proposed changes marked, you can get a copy on the Reed alumni web site at http://web.reed .edu/alumni/constitution.html or a hard copy (upon request) from the Alumni Office, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock, Portland OR 97202-8199. Objections should also be sent to this address.

    Sheldon Hochheiser '73 President, Reed College Alumni Association

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