Alumni survey and directory 2000 update

Reed College has now completed the alumni survey. Thanks to all of you who mailed your forms. The information you provided will help Reed with many internal programs in admission, career advising, development, and alumni relations. The next step is the update of our records and preparation of the directory--both printed and electronic. We anticipate mailing the printed directory and launching the online directory (available only by password) no later than October 2000. Alumni will receive a PIN and instructions for accessing the online directory. Unless we received notification from you to the contrary, the following information will appear in the directory: name, class year, address, telephone, email address, job title, and employer.

We are happy to announce an added bonus of an email forwarding service for Reed alumni. When the online directory is opened, members may choose an @reed email address that never changes and that will autoforward to an ISP email address of your choosing.

Volunteer opportunities

If you want to get more involved at Reed, note these volunteer opportunities:

Local alumni interested in helping at alumni and student events such as the finals week feeding frenzy (both in May and December) or Renn Fayre should call or write Joe Weisman '65 at 541/745-5266 or

If you are interested in working with Reed's community service program, please phone the SEEDS office at 503/777-7563.

Spring always produces a new class of smart and eager Reedies looking for intelligent work. Alumni help throughout the year, answering career questions, participating in career panels, or attending one of Reed's informational career fairs. If you are interested in assisting the career services office, please call them at 503/777-7550.

The alumni association, admission office, and development office are always on the lookout for enthusiastic new volunteers. If you appreciated your Reed experience and wish to help current students get the most out of their years at Reed, call the alumni office at 503/777-7589.

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