He clerked for judges Helen Frye and William Riggs before joining Marlene Findling in founding Findling & Johnson LLP, a family law practice, in 1993.

In characterizing his leadership style, colleagues point to his ability to maintain focus and to move past divisions to achieve an objective. Nearly everyone who knows him mentions his ability to relate to people. His partner, Jay, perhaps says it most eloquently.

"Mark encounters some very conservative people, but they simply cannot deny that this is a person who is open and honest and approaches his work with diligence and integrity. Itís very disarming. He has this wonderful talent of pulling people together, integrating even difficult groups to focus on problems."

Judge Riggs was among those who encouraged Johnson to consider family law, and he continues to be an admirer.

"Mark is an original thinker," says Riggs. "He has an innate sense of where he should be going with a legal problem, and he emerges always with a polished product."

Clearly, Johnson feels indebted to Reed for refining that progressive, but critical and balanced method of thinking. "The school is just so focused on teaching the scientific method of thinking, which is equally applicable in attacking a legal problem," he says. "It was a tremendous way to learn. My degree from Reed has done nothing but open doors for me, and Iím grateful for that."

Kateri Mayo is the Oregon State Barís media relations coordinator.

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