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Alumni cruise to Central America

Twenty-five Reed alumni and their guests boarded the Yorktown Clipper in December 1998 and embarked upon an unforgettable cruise from Costa Rica to Panama. David Dalton, Reed associate professor of biology, accompanied the group and shared his expertise as a botanist and plant physiologist. His research on biochemistry and molecular biology of oxidative stress in plants and his insights into the natural history of some plants with unusual properties enriched his lectures on forest canopy biology. On-board naturalists gave informative talks on Central American natural and cultural history and led the travelers on hikes and nature walks on shore. The vacationers encountered diverse terrain, ranging from rain forests, jungles, and mangrove swamps to deserted beaches and windswept volcanic summits. Highlights of the trip included visits to Poas Volcano, Curu Wildlife Refuge, Marenco Biological Station, and pre-dawn travel in dugout canoes with outboard motors up the Sambu River to a Choco Indian village in the Darien Jungle. At least several travelers returned sporting "Reed" tattoos in traditional (and impermanent) Choco plant pigments. On the final leg of their journey, the cruise-goers traveled 51 miles on the Panama Canal, through six pairs of locks, before reaching the Caribbean. Ernie Bonyhadi ’48 appeared to echo everyone’s sentiments when he said, "It was absolutely marvelous."

Ilo (Lehmann) Bonyhadi ’51 with some friends at the Choco village.

Elliott ’39 and Sue (Abraham) Roberts ’40 celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on the cruise.

Ernie Bonyhadi ’48 proudly displays his impermanent Reed tattoo.

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