Reed fencers cross swords in annual tournament

The fifth annual Douglas Williams fencing tournament was another tremendous success this year. Held on Saturday of Parent and Family Weekend, the tournament included eight students from the Reed fencing class. The competitors were of varying experience, some with years of experience and others who had completed just one quarter of their first fencing class.

fencing pictureCarol Simpson traveled up from California again this year, and her presence is one of the highlights of this event. She is the widow of Douglas Williams ’63, who endowed the tournament and provided need-based scholarships. All the competitors enjoyed speaking with Simpson and expressing their appreciation for her continued support for the tournament.

Many of the bouts were really close, including the one that determined first and second place. Winning with a five to four decision was Mark Hulse ’05, who received the gold sword necklace and $5,000 in scholarship funds for his victory. Matthew Davidson ’06 was second and received the silver sword, with Brian Andrews ’05 finishing third and receiving the bronze sword.

The crowd of over 60 spectators applauded all of the competitors for their terrific show of skill and sportsmanship. End of Article

Ann Casey is director of physical education

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Reed Magazine February 2003
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