Bob and Carolyn Crow had a successful wine tasting, and there was another installment of the popular Burrito & Beer get-together in November. The Radical Reeding Group continues to meet in San Francisco on the first Thursday of each month. December’s book is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. For more information: Drew McCormick, 408/266-3960, DrewCorm@aol.com.

Several overweight, slow-moving, superannuated alumni played the Reed rugby team last fall. The alumni had an excellent time—and the current Reedies were particularly good to give us a game, considering that the alumni team probably outweighed the Reed co-ed team by a ratio of two to one. The game brought a lot of old friends together to have a good laugh at themselves.

The Chicago chapter held two successful events this fall. Over 30 alumni, spouses, and children attended the first-ever Reed alumni Oktoberfest at the Brauhaus. Steins of beer, bratwurst, beer, roasted pork shank, beer, stuffed cabbage, beer, and kiddie cocktails were among the items consumed in our continuing quest to enjoy the diverse ethnic cuisines of Chicago. In November alumni gathered for the chapter’s second annual Reed bowl-a-rama. For more information: John Bergholz ’83, 708/848-3138, jberghol@depaul.edu.


2003 is going to be full of fantastic events for the New York chapter. As of press time, we are planning our second annual bowl-o-rama in March and a community service project for April. We are brainstorming fun day trips and ongoing career projects. In January, the month of museums and cocktails, we had our annual cocktail party, a curator-led tour of the Cooper Hewitt exhibition on hotels, and a scavenger hunt at the Metropolitan. To add your two cents on upcoming events, attend a steering committee meeting, or suggest future chapter projects and activities, email Amy Ulrich ’97 at reedalumnyc@earthlink.net.


In December we held the traditional alumni holiday party and sponsored a town hall on campus to discuss alumni access to college facilities. In January we encouraged local alumni to participate in Paideia. In November eight intrepid alumni journeyed from Fear of Pieing to Fearless Pieing at the pie crust class given by Johanna Colgrove ’92, who may have more cooking events in the future. After a 12-year absence, 50 Reedies descended on beautiful Camp Westwind for a fun-filled weekend in October; see the photos at http://www.reed.edu/alumni. We’re planning to make this an annual event and we hope that next year YOU will be there! For more information: Jim Quinn ’83 at 503/245-6008, j.q@teleport.com.


The Rainier chapter welcomed English professor Jay Dickson for a talk on A Passage to India in December. In January we were pleased to receive a visit from Reed president Colin Diver. Future activities we hope to try include an open studio day for local alumni artists, and a repeat of our open garden day that was so popular last spring. For more information on scheduled events, or to contribute your own ideas, please call or write to Barbara Carter Radin ’75 at 206/523-2484, dreadin@ix.netcom.com.


We had a theater event in November and a solstice party in December. Plans for the new year include a visit to the Huntington Library and Gardens in May. The book group meets monthly, usually in the afternoon or evening of the second Sunday. Visiting alumni are invited to call ahead for particulars, read the book, and join the discussion. For more information: Robert Hadley ’53, 310/391-1427, BobPatHadley@aol.com.

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