Top reasons to return for reunions

When you come back to campus for reunions, we know you will find people you remember. In case that isn’t enough, below are other reasons to plan to be here on June 6–8, 2003.

  • Dr. Demento (aka Barret Hansen ’63) will be there spinning the wax and waxing nostalgic in his own special way.
  • Fireworks—added last year to conclude the reunion activities, this proved to be 15 minutes worth waiting for. . . .
  • Northwest salmon bake—more than a dinner, this is an event. Terrific food and drink Oregon style.
  • Marimba music and more—people of all ages love the upbeat sounds of a marimba band. The music will lift your spirits even higher.
  • Fun times for kids—Imagine a giant inflatable slides with lots of kids games and guided activities.
  • Croquet and putt-putt golf—One a popular Reed activity, and the other should be. Knock your friends’ balls as far afield as you can or sink a putt through a faux Doyle Owl.
  • Karaoke lounge—lounge lizards and Madonna wannabes unite. This is your time to stroll down memory lane and serenade your friends with your favorite tunes.
  • Reed songs sing-along—do you remember “Epistemology Forever” or “The Ballad of Marvin Levich?” These and more will be shared and sung
  • Class dinners with sharing of memories—sit with your contemporaries, catch up, and reminisce. You will enjoy the intimacy and the opportunity to scrounge all over again!
  • Emeritus faculty reception—here is the chance to see those old professors. Greet them and see if they can still intimidate you!
  • Special calligraphy reunion with seminars on calligraphy and special Lloyd Reynolds memories. His legacy lives on at Reed.
  • Special hospitality rooms for each class—you will have your own area for the whole weekend. You can relax here. You can reminisce here. You can party here.

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