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Untitled, South Broadway, Denver, Colorado
Gelatin silver print, 6 x 7 34 inches, early 1970s

Gallery shows photography, works on Judaism

This fall the Cooley Gallery exhibited works of Robert Adams, the MacArthur fellow who has changed the way people think about Western photography. The exhibition was curated by former gallery director Susan Fillin-Yeh and writer and photographer Leo Rubinfien ’74. Randy Gragg of the Oregonian wrote that the show is an “excellent introduction to a true artist’s artist, deeply respected by his fellow photographers and writers but not broadly known by the general public. . . . the curators fully showcase the difficult beauty of the pictures while illuminating the rigorous aesthetic principles underlying the vision.”

The gallery is currently exhibiting Performing Judaism, works of artists examining Jewish identity from spiritual, moral, and personal perspectives. Stephanie Snyder ’91 curated the show; her work and that of two other alumni artists, Susan Silas ’74 and Susan Sobeloff ’91, are featured along with five other artists of different generations who approach the topic in milieus that vary from postwar American painting to feminism, postmodernism, and Holocaust memorialization. End of Article

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