Frenzied Haiku feed Reed spirit
On December 9 Reed’s alumni association held its annual feeding frenzy. Local alumni, with the support of the alumni board, lured students out of the library for a much-needed break from finals studying with the promise of lots of free food. Traditionally held the Sunday night before exams, the frenzy is a twice-yearly opportunity for alums and students to connect over a shared experience—Reed finals.

This year, the association sponsored a haiku contest. First-year student Anna Solomonik’s haiku was chosen by a panel of Reed alumni as the winning entry. Anyone hungry?
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Student body, or
Gaping, omnivorous maw?
Human vestige lost

—Anna Solomonik ’05, Los Altos, California

Honorable mentions

Tower of pizza!
Even salad—so thankful—
I won’t get scurvy

Sophie Sapp ’02
Portland, Maine

When we graduate
We do not expect to be
As nice as you folks


Treat me like a king
Divine right pizza madness
All my subjects smile

Bart Higgins ’03
Canaan, Connecticut

In two seconds flat
From starving to gluttony
Weary students gorge

Marian Macindoe ’02
Napa, California

Waiting at the door
Watching, hoping to see more
Empty tummies wait

Shannon Taylor ’02
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

When the doors opened
A silence fell on the crowd
Then we ran like hell

Taya Koschnick ’04
Oberlin, Ohio

Us behind the door
Writh’d in anticipation
We are satisfied

Claire McCabe ’02
Palo Alto, California

Of the masses by filling
The stomach full

Nica Wright ’04
Bryn Mawr,

Doors slam, Bonanza!
The first pizza box opens
And Wordsworth stares back

Joel Stonington ’04
Seattle, Washington


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