Feeding Frenzy

The alumni board, with the help of some local alumni, gave students a much-needed break from the rigors of finals studying. Students made the long trek from the library to the Kaul Auditorium on the Sunday night before exams, filled with promises of free food and academe-free conversation for at least a little while. Portland-area alumni graciously donated food, drink, and time to this brief but much-loved event. On its surface, the feeding frenzy is about students and mass quantities of food. It is also a golden biannual opportunity for local alumni and students to connect over a shared experience -Reed finals. Many thanks to the volunteers: June Anderson '49, Rebecca Chiao '85, David Hayden '96, Stuart Reiter '96, Judy Ridenour '96, Jean Scott '51, Laura Stokes '96, Ruth Cederstrom Wolfe '50, and Joe Weisman '65, alumni board member and chief architect of the feeding frenzy, and his eight-year-old son Jazz, who has helped at five feeding frenzies and is getting to know many students.

Seeking Nominations For Alumni Awards

The Reed alumni board is seeking nominations for the alumni awards program. Each year the board honors outstanding alumni who have helped the Reed offices of alumni relations, fundraising, career services, or admission. In addition, the board recognizes an overall outstanding alumni volunteer. Please send nominations and a brief statement explaining why the volunteer deserves an award to Marianne Brogan `84, alumni relations director, at marianne.brogan@reed.edu or 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland OR 97202-8199.

Alumni College 2000: Better living through genetic engineering of plants?

Genetic engineering of plants is providing the focal point for a collision between the diverse areas of biotechnical research, commercial product development and release, and ethical and public policy considerations. The ease with which plants are cloned, along with recent advances in molecular biology, have allowed scientists to genetically engineer plants with remarkable characteristics such as the ability to resist viruses, insects, or herbicides. Plants have even been engineered to produce pharmaceuticals, plastics, or improved cooking oils. Despite the apparent advantages of such changes, there has been considerable societal resistance to the use of the modified plants. The increasing pace of commercial release of genetically engineered plants is bringing intense scrutiny to the scientific and public policy decisions behind these activities.

Three Reed faculty members will bring their perspectives to this issue. David Dalton, a plant physiologist, will describe the underlying biological principles by which crops are genetically engineered. Keith Karoly, a plant evolutionary ecologist, will review the research findings regarding known and anticipated ecological problems that may accompany release of the modified plants. Mark Bedau '77, a philosopher who does research in the philosophy of biology and artificial life, will review the social and ethical implications of genetically engineered plants. In addition to lectures and conference meetings, participants will produce their own genetically engineered organisms (fluorescent bacteria) in a laboratory session. No background in science is required.

The Alumni College presupposes no qualifications other than a willingness to read and discuss a common set of texts, in a setting that recalls the student experience at Reed. Enrollment is open to all Reed alumni and their families, as well as to parents of students and alumni, and other friends of the college.

The Alumni College begins on Wednesday morning, June 7, 2000, and concludes at noon on Friday, June 9.

Participants may live in the college dorms and eat on campus. All meals must be reserved in advance. Room and board are offered at a reduced rate for children. The college will work with interested participants to locate child care. The library, sports center, and other facilities will generally be open.

Costs & Registration
Tuition: $170. Includes a nonrefundable deposit of $75 for books, fees, and materials.

Information and registration forms are available by calling 503/788-6639, emailing alumni@reed.edu, or writing to the Alumni Office, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199.

Enrollment deadline (including final payment): May 19. We strongly encourage early registration to ensure space. Reading materials will be mailed as soon as possible after registration is received.

note: If you are in a reunion group, you will receive registration materials for both reunions and alumni college in April. you may register for alumni college then, but we recommend early registration by following instructions above.

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