Alumni Association President's Report

It's 1999; do you know where your class is?

Let's face it: Reedies are a pretty introverted bunch, and we like it that way by and large. But this creates a bit of a quandary when reunions roll around. On the one hand, we crave the dynamic, intellectual banter from our younger days. On the other hand, the only thing more terrifying than a room full of people you only vaguely remember is that recurring nightmare where you learn during your orals board that you need one more PE credit in order to graduate. Lucky for you, many fears, including reunophobia, can be successfully treated using guided imagery. The first session is free--here goes:

Imagine yourself in the student union. Sunlight filters through the windows. A lumpy chair cradles you.

Wait--who is that? Sarah. . . or maybe that was her dog's name. Hmmm--that's right. She was in my hum conference. I don't even remember seeing her on campus after that. I wonder what she ended up doing?. . . Wow--she's working as a brewmaster, researching ancient Chinese recipes for making rice wine in her spare time . . . I wonder if she remembers the time we *snap*

See! That wasn't so bad. Reunion time at Reed is very laid back. You can hang out in the pool room until all hours, play some softball, find your thesis in the tower, go for a walk in the rhododendron garden, or spend the afternoon on the swings. Best of all, no one will ask for proof of at least three publications in peer-review journals in order to register. Just call the alumni office and get signed up. I look forward to seeing you there.

Take care,

Michele "I can't believe it's already been five years" Funk '94

Reunions - June 10-12, 1999

What's your excuse for not attending reunions? You don't have one, do you?

1999 reunion classes
60th: Class of 1939
51+: Class of 1948 and earlier
50th: Class of 1949
40th: Class of 1959
30th: Class of 1969
25th: Class of 1974
20th: Class of 1979
10th: Class of 1989
5th: Class of 1994

Special reunion: pre-meteorology
Planning committees are creating a very packed schedule for class reunions this summer. Look forward to outings, discussion groups, parties, class dinners, faculty lectures, an all-class dinner, and a parade in the Reed style, just to name a few of the special activities on the agenda. There are also several new buildings on campus that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Postcards are pouring in from alumni expressing their interest in attending. If you know someone who should be receiving reunion information but has not, please have them call the alumni office at 503/777-7789 or send email to Registration materials will be mailed out in April.

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