Alumni board elections

As of February 15, unless any late petitions are received, the elections of the alumni board are concluded. The following new members of the alumni board will take office July 1, 1999.
President (One-Year Term)
Sheldon Hochheiser '73

Vice-President (One-Year Term)
Sally (Snyder) Brunette '83

Secretary (One-Year Term)
John Sheehy '82

Members (Three-Year Terms)
Steven Falk '83
Holly (Gudmundson) Leighton '78
Dennis McGilvray '65
Barbara (Weeks) Shettler '50

Nominating Committee (One-Year Term)
Michael Redden '76
James Carpenter '83
Brian Silver '65

Alumni Trustee (Four-Year Term, pending approval by the Board of Trustees)
Rachael Dorr '76

Feeding Frenzy

TV dinner? Students took a break in December from pre-finals for the twice-yearly feeding frenzy. Joe Weisman '65, alumni board member, reported that "we did all seem to have a fine time, and lots of students expressed their appreciation, and we did happily and utterly consume 71 pizzas and 324 juices and a bunch of vegetables, cookies, dips, and other accoutrements." This year the college provided a television to allow a study of popular culture in the form of the X-Files. Weisman and the student committee members who organized the event were wise to why the pizza disappeared, as opposed to Agent Mulder, who has a hard time understanding why things vanish.

Alumni association calendar

February 5-6 Alumni board meeting
February 7 Brainstorming chapter goals potluck, California chapter
March 21 Reed on the Road Chicago faculty lecture: Nigel Nicholson
March 22 Reed on the Road Washington, D.C., faculty lecture: Joe Buhler
March 23 Reed on the Road New York faculty lecture: Joe Buhler
March 25 Reed on the Road Boston faculty lecture: Joe Buhler
April 24 Alumni board telephone conference meeting

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