co-creator of Macintosh and co-founder of Apple Computer (where he is now interim chief executive) and NeXT Software, Inc. Widely acknowledged as a visionary and pioneer in personal computing. Owner and CEO of Pixar, the studio that created the blockbuster computer-animated film Toy Story.
in 1978, John Sperling founded what today is the nation's largest private, for-profit university, the University of Phoenix. U of P's target market: working adults. Students must be at least 23 years old and actively employed to attend classes. Enrollment is currently at 53,000, with campuses across the country. The university is the principal subsidiary of a profit-making company called the Apollo Group, which Sperling also chairs.
co-founder of Auto-desk, the world's leading supplier of desktop computer-aided design automation software, whose programs transformed the fields of engineering and architecture. Its most famous software, AutoCAD, a computer- automated design program, allows engineers and architects to bring clarity to scientific processes and create highly imaginative work. Drake retired from Auto-desk in 1994.
led the pack in the current "coffee craze" when he introduced the Northwest to the taste of fresh, high-quality teas, coffees, and spices. Kobos founded the Kobos Company in the early, '70s and today it is one of Oregon's leading cookware and coffee stores, with seven retail outlets and more than 200 wholesale accounts.
began her own business as a motivational speaker and trainer for corporate and nonprofit clients and uses her background as an expedition leader and scientist to lecture on such topics as "Climbing your own Everests." She also founded a Himalayan trekking company and led the first successful all-woman ascent of Mt. McKinley (1970) and first American and first all-woman ascent of Annapurna I (1978).
CEO and owner of AudioQuest in San Clemente, California. AudioQuest is considered the premier supplier of state-of-the-art cables for audio, video, and digital transmission and is also a music label for high-quality original blues and jazz recordings. Low started his business while a student at Reed.
after more than a decade as a journalist, Rob French founded Doghouse Productions in 1996, an online communications company that designs, builds, and hosts web sites and database applications, with a strong specialty in healthcare. Previously, French worked on the startup of four other publications.
chairman and CEO of Electro Rent Corp., which he launched as an independent entity in 1979 after its parent company was sold. It is the leading provider of state-of-the-art computers, workstations, printers, peripherals, and test and measurement equipment for rent, lease, or sale, primarily to companies in the finance, consulting, engineering, aerospace, defense, and electronics industries.
founded Norton Utilities in the 1980s and created the well-known and imaginative file and disk management programs of the same name. The most famous of these programs is "UnErase," which recovers deleted computer files. Norton sold the business in 1990 and established the Norton Family Foundation, which provides financial support to the arts and humanities communities.
proprietor of Clear Creek Distillery in Portland. After working in a law practice, stints in public service, and owning a manufacturing company (which he sold in 1987 after nine years of rapid growth), McCarthy began distilling eaux-de-vie using pears from a family orchard in Hood River, Oregon. He now produces and ships internationally his acclaimed pear, apple, rasp-berry, and plum eaux-de-vie, as well as grappa, marc, and the first commercial single- malt whiskey made in the U.S.
founder and owner of Old Wives' Tales, a progressive, multi-ethnic, health-oriented restaurant in Portland that was one of the first in the Northwest to have a special area where children could play while parents dined.
chairman and president of the Ivanhoe Capital Corporation, financial development group with global interest in mining resources, oil and natural gas, communications, and other activities, primarily in emerging world markets. Friedland is also a major stock holder in diamond, gold, copper, and nickel mines around the world.
at a time when many small theaters around the country were shutting their doors Jan Powell decided to start a full-time theater company devoted to Shakespeare. In 1990 Powell co-founded (with David Olson '75) and acted until recently as artistic director of Portland's Tygres Heart Shakespeare Company, noted for its inventiveness and creativity.

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