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Empire of the Griffin

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Diaspora Pizza

The Boston chapter had a phenomenal Reed Diaspora Pizza event planned and executed by Emma Rowe '06!  We had 16 attendees, including two spouses, one new grad, and six people who had never attended a Boston chapter event before. We went to a new venue, the Dogwood Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Emma, a trivia buff, brought trivia questions and we formed teams and played several rounds. The game of trivia ended in a tie between two teams, but the win went to the new grad in attendance, Greg Given '10, and Susan Landy '81. The prize for Greg was, fittingly, a stuffed griffin. (Jessica Stern Benjamin '93)

An intrepid band of Chicago Reedies gathered for pizza at Piece; we drafted two new members and discussed how the clam and sausage pizza was trafe (the opposite of kosher) and clearly spiritually questionable as compared with the morally virtuous vegan pizza. A few days later, a somewhat larger group of Reedies descended upon the Athenaeum Theatre to see Mortar Theatre Company's world premiere of Under America, written by Jacob Juntunen '99.

Puzzled Corner

Compiled by Brandon Hamilton '10

You know Reed—but how well do you know Reedies? A free bumper sticker to the first 12 readers who can correctly answer the following questions about our illustrious classmates. Note that this puzzle has been fiendishly designed to confound Googlers and to encourage good old-fashioned browsing. And yes, the answers are all in this issue!

  • Who worked in the Portland shipyards in WWII, built a solar home, and was elected to the Oregon State House for 10 years?
  • Which classical violinist played opposite Peter Russell [biology, 1972+] in the classic Reed band Peter J. Ribosome and the Subunits?
  • Who was kidnapped by bandits on a trip to Yemen but was released unharmed after surreptitiously texting the U.S. Embassy?
  • Who bribed his way out of a Nazi prison, fled the Red Army on horseback, swam the Danube, escaped to Paris, felled trees in Oregon, and became a political scientist of international renown?

Got 'em? Email your answers to Hints available if the price is right . . .

The Chicago chapter is planning lots of fun events for the coming year and we would really love to see you at one of them. Yes, I mean you, the person reading this blurb in the magazine; clearly you have an interest, so stop by and say "hello" sometime. You never call, you never write, and yet you magazine stalk us like this; the least you could do is come eat dim sum with us in February or join us for a tour of Fermilab in the spring. (Alison Birkmeyer-Aske '93)

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Boar’s Head

Mark your calendar for the alumni holiday party on Saturday, December 18. Dust off your finery, pull out your dancing shoes. See Apocrypha, page 64, and register online at

ORGY 2010

ORGY: The Offspring of Reed Grads of Yesteryear converged on campus for a joyous encounter at convocation in August 2010. Back row, left to right:  Terry Lindell '76, Kevan Shokat '86, Kasra Shokat '14, Gabriel Andreen '14, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins '14, Richard Pincus '64. Middle row, left to right:  Jennifer Lindell '14, Kathleen Kruzich '14, Elizabeth Harris '86, Natalie Farnham '14, Susan Brophy Spilka '77, Toni DeVito '77, and Rachel Pincus '14. Kneeling:  Molly Spilka '14.

Photo by Eric Cable

reed magazine logoDecember 2010