News of the College August 2005

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Reed’s Ultimate Frisbee team
plays at Stanford

The Stanford Invitational Qualifier is an Ultimate Frisbee tournament that Reed has attended for the past three years. Last spring, instead of driving down the night before and crashing on the floor of someone’s parents’ house, the 24 team members, chartered a bus, booked lodging, and ate in restaurants, thanks to a grant from President Diver’s discretionary budget.

According to team member Doug Galbraith ’07, “The trip has been a blast every year we’ve gone. To be able to take a weekend trip down to California and play some ferocious Ultimate in the sun is altogether an excellent break from the library routine.”

Galbraith says that the Reed team plays very well at Stanford: “This year, we really saw a young team come together, making smart, consistent, throws, good decisions on offense, and laying out our trademark ‘four-man cup’ zone defense,” he said. “Although we had a number of dramatic plays along the way, it was ultimately our patience that led us to triumph over B teams of the larger schools.”

Historically, Reed has finished in the top ten in this tournament, defeating teams from much larger schools. Galbraith concludes, “We are gradually making strides to be a competitive force that strikes as much fear in the hearts of our enemies as our cheers and witty insults do now.” End of Article


Reed Magazine August 2005