The annual Bay Area Reed alumni picnic will be held at noon on August 17 at Martin’s Beach in Half Moon Bay. We’ll have frisbees, Quests, and other fun stuff. Parking is $5 a car, so carpooling is encouraged. For breaking news, go to http://www.reed.edu/alumni/chapters/bayarea.html. For more information, call Drew McCormick at 408/266-3960 or email DrewCorm@aol.com.


Summertime in Boston means the coming of the annual alumni trip to Fenway Park. We are in the midst of arranging a gathering of local alumni, incoming students, and current students.


In March we toured Steve McCarthy’s Clear Creek Distillery; 25 people came, with many on a wait list, so we’ll have to do it again soon. In April we put out the call to have alumni help with Canyon Day and will keep working on getting more alumni participation. For three years the chapter has successfully mustered a contingent of local alumni to help out at Renn Fayre, including being part of Karma Patrol and Border Patrol, putting on the meat smoke portion of the feast, and running a popular coffeehouse. Planning is moving ahead for this year’s Westwind trip in October: see the article.


On July 27 Rainier alumni, students, and entering freshmen and their families were invited to the annual chapter picnic at Magnuson Park on the sunny shores of Lake Washington. Throughout the year, alumni are invited to attend either a reading group meeting or brew pub gathering, held monthly. Visit www.eephus.com/rainierchapter/ for schedules and contact information, as well as for information on upcoming events. You may also call or write to Barbara Carter Radin ’75 at 206/523-2484 or dradin@ix.netcom.com; suggestions for activities and events are always welcome.


Our visit to the Huntington Library and Gardens in May seemed to be enjoyed by all. The next planned event is the annual picnic on September 14 in Culver City; watch the mail for your invitation. A third annual solstice celebration in December is under discussion, but has not yet been planned. The book group continues to meet monthly, usually on the second Sunday. Alumni visiting from out of the area are invited to call ahead for particulars, read the book, and join the discussion. For information call Robert Hadley ’53 at 310/491-1427 or send email to BobPatHadley@aol.com.


Beaten into a stupor by the continual rains of May and the summer humidity, we have held no official events since Colin Diver’s visit in March, which attracted a large crowd of Reedies old and new. The unofficial “’90s and ’00s Debating & Beer-Drinking Society” has reputedly been active, though, welcoming new arrivals to the area. The annual picnic is planned for August, and a skip-jack cruise on the Chesapeake Bay in October. Keep your eyes open for the announcements; for more information email Leslie Overstreet ’71 at overstreetl@si.edu or call 703/765-7059.

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