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By Patrick Pruyne ’83

Dorothy Hirsch ’52 with daughters Dorothy (left) and Mary (right)
Dorothy Hirsch ’52 with daughters Dorothy (left) and Mary (right).
Two events over reunions weekend recognized alumni who have consistently contributed their time, energy, and enthusiasm to Reed and to their communities.

At the Foster-Scholz Club luncheon, Adrian Greek ’50 , chair of the Foster Scholz Club, introduced the two recipients of this year’s distinguished service award: Dorothy Hirsch ’52 and Sumner Rodriguez ’42.

Dorothy Hirsch has served Reed and her community in a variety of roles most of her adult life. She is active in the alumni association and served as president of the alumni board in 1979. She was the co-chair for the class of 1952 reunion gift in 1992. She has been a member of the steering committee of the Foster-Scholz Club. She has also given generous financial support to Reed. Hirsch’s commitment to learning extends into the Portland community as well. She has served on the board of the Multnomah County Library for many years, and her tireless efforts on behalf of the library have served to inspire many people. She has also served on the board of trustees of the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts and the Friends of History of Portland State.

Sumner Rodriguez ’52 with wife, Adele, and son Glen.
Sumner Rodriguez ’52 with wife, Adele, and son Glen.

After Sumner Rodriguez earned his law degree from Stanford in 1949, he and his wife, Adele, chose to live in Madras, Oregon. But Rodriguez has done more than just live in his city: he has helped shaped its history. When he and Adele moved to Madras, there were no paved streets or adequate water supply. Since then, they have seen acres of sagebrush transformed into fertile irrigated land, city streets paved, a city hall constructed, a sewer system installed, a new fire department approved and operating, a hospital and nursing home built, and parks developed. Rodriguez played a role in all of it. He was the city attorney of Madras from 1949 to 1986, he was secretary to the Jefferson County Develop-ment Corporation, and he played a major role in the acquisition of Sunshine Corner and the development of Bean Park. In 1995 the Rodriguezes set up two trusts, one to benefit Reed and one to benefit Oregon State, Adele’s alma mater. They have also given generously to the Madras library, and they have started a foundation that provides college scholarship support to students from Jefferson County.

Recognition awards were given during reunions to the following people for their contributions to the college:

Steve Shields ’62 for his work as an admission alumni representative for several years.

Diane Morgan ’77 for her generous gifts of time and work, and along with her husband Greg Morgan ’77, for their long-term support to the annual fund.

Career services
Ian Gillingham ’94 for his tireless assistance advising students about making the transition from their Reed experience to opportunities for newspaper writing, editing, and layout, and Kary Pratt ’86 for her enthusiastic work advising students in the fieldof law.

Karen Belsey ’85 presents Robin Tovey ’97 with the award for volunteer services in alumni relations.

Karen Belsey ’85 presents Robin Tovey ’97 with the award for volunteer services in alumni relations.

Alumni relations
Robin Tovey ’97 for her role as an active volunteer for Reed since her graduation.

Outstanding volunteer
Steve McCarthy ’66 for his work as a member of the Reed board of trustees since 1988. McCarthy currently serves as vice chairman, and was secretary from 1990 to 1998. He also serves on the nominating, appeals and review, and development committees.

Letter of commendation from the president
Ralph Pratt ’50 for leading the folk dancing event during alumni reunion weekend for 10 years. Frau Angela Jung for assisting students studying abroad in Munich in all aspects of their experience—academic, living, and job experiences—for almost three decades.

Letter of commendation from the alumni association president
Chantal Sudbrack ’97 and Juliet Kim ’88 for their work as founding members of the Chicago chapter


If you would like to become more involved in the activities of the alumni association or Reed’s offices of development, admission, or career advising, we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions for the alumni relations office, feel free to call or write us.

For address changes, call Carrie Hays at 503/777-7789.

To speak with someone in the alumni relations office, call 503/777-7589, or send email to Our regular mailing address is 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202-8199.


Thank you to our 2002
reunions committee members who worked so hard to design fun and interesting programs for their classmates. We could not have done it without you!

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